Saturday, September 10, 2016

           yesterday I went to my friend Julia's house!!! my brothers were not supposed  to go to her house too! but they did because my mom started talking!! my littlest brother got all the attention!!! he threw all of her Barbie stuff down the stairs!!!

        At her house, we had a tea party!!! they have 2 dogs!!! 1 of them is big and named buddy!!! and 1 of them is medium and is name is crypto!!! and they have a cat its name is Zeppy!!! sam tried to pick up buddy but he was too big!!! I got a charm bracelet from my friend from Disneyworld!!! It was all the way in Florida!!! she had to leave school to go!!! she is super lucky!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time...even with your brothers there! What a sweet friend Julia is!

    1. it was my mom is going to post the song on Facebook!!! so you can see it!!!