Saturday, September 10, 2016

           yesterday I went to my friend Julia's house!!! my brothers were not supposed  to go to her house too! but they did because my mom started talking!! my littlest brother got all the attention!!! he threw all of her Barbie stuff down the stairs!!!

        At her house, we had a tea party!!! they have 2 dogs!!! 1 of them is big and named buddy!!! and 1 of them is medium and is name is crypto!!! and they have a cat its name is Zeppy!!! sam tried to pick up buddy but he was too big!!! I got a charm bracelet from my friend from Disneyworld!!! It was all the way in Florida!!! she had to leave school to go!!! she is super lucky!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

when we started school!!!

this week was the best week because this week we started school!!! my teacher is Mrs. Acker!!! only our class gets to have Awesome seating!!! we get to have yoga balls, TV trays, standing tables, wobble chairs, and cushions!!! regular chairs are an option too!!! I love her class!!! it is the best class ever!!! mom got a lot of Caprisuns for school!!! yesterday I went to my friend Edens house!!! we turned her sprinkler on and jumped on the trampoline!!! It was SO wet and slippery!!! we did cartwheels on the trampoline when it was super wet!!! she showed me how to do a front handspring on the trampoline!!! it is so much fun!!! Eden is two years younger than me!!! that is my week!!!

hi!!! I am 10 now!!! For my birthday I got a boombox, a refill for my oven, and a CD!!! the CD has my favorite song!!! it is "I won't say I am in love"!!! it is the best song ever!!! I love that song!!! it is from the movie Hercules!!! the best movie ever!!! I was thinking I could perform a song from that movie!!! it is going to be on the 11th for grandparents day so grammy, grandma, grandpa or papa, please come up at least 1 of you!!! so you can tape it and share it on facebook!!! I hope you can come up!!!