Saturday, September 3, 2016

when we started school!!!

this week was the best week because this week we started school!!! my teacher is Mrs. Acker!!! only our class gets to have Awesome seating!!! we get to have yoga balls, TV trays, standing tables, wobble chairs, and cushions!!! regular chairs are an option too!!! I love her class!!! it is the best class ever!!! mom got a lot of Caprisuns for school!!! yesterday I went to my friend Edens house!!! we turned her sprinkler on and jumped on the trampoline!!! It was SO wet and slippery!!! we did cartwheels on the trampoline when it was super wet!!! she showed me how to do a front handspring on the trampoline!!! it is so much fun!!! Eden is two years younger than me!!! that is my week!!!

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